Course: DIG 6934c Digital Antiquity

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DIG 6934c Digital Antiquity
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University of South Florida
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Falll 2021
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Archaeology, the study of the past through its material remains, involves rather a lot of modern technology. New imaging techniques, 3D scanning and printing, and virtual reality systems have allowed objects and sites to be preserved in new ways, and enable a much broader audience to interact with ancient civilizations; however, while most of these new tools have brought positive changes to the field, archaeologists must always question the reason they have chosen certain methods. At the surface, 3D reconstructions let us explore how people arranged and experienced buildings and cities, and 3D models made through structure from motion are used for rapid and detailed recording during excavations. But are the flashy 3D imaging techniques truly answering research questions? What are the possibilities and issues when a material, tangible past can be interacted with and “handled” intangibly and online? How does this digital world change methodologies, analyses, and even how we interpret the archaeological heritage? What are the implications for understanding the past and making the archaeological heritage accessible beyond archaeology, as it becomes engaged with, challenged, and re-imagined online and within social media and a global digital community? This course will explore the methodological and conceptual implications of digitizing the practice of archaeology, and interacting with the past digitally. In it students will be encouraged to think critically about the design of archaeological projects and the integration of digital tools.

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