Executive Council

The Executive Council will be responsible for discussing, working through, and voting on particular topics and issues related to the FLDH mission. Any cultural, educational or historical institution in Florida may be a general member of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium.  The Executive Council will consist of up to ten permanent members and ten other representatives elected by the general membership. Representative terms are staggered to ensure consistency.


Chair: Hélène Huet, University of Florida

Vice Chair:  Mia Tignor, Indian River State College

Secretary: Barbara Lewis, University of South Florida

Institutional Representatives, 2019-22

Eckerd College

Nancy Schuler, Assistant Professor of e-Resources and Collection Development (2019-2022)

Flagler College

Eugenia Charoni, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages (2019-2021)

Florida Atlantic University

Richard Shusterman, Eminent Scholar in the Humanities (2019-2021)

The Florida Humanities Council

Keith Simmons, Communications Director (2019-2021)

Florida International University

Molly Castro, Digital Humanities Librarian (2019-2021)

Florida State University

Sarah Stanley, Digital Humanities Librarian (2019-2022)

Indian River State College

Michelle Carrigan, Assistant Professor, Humanities (2019-2021)

Mia Tignor, Interim Director, IRSC Libraries (2019-2022)

New College of Florida

Lena Bohman Assistant Librarian, Research, Instruction and Digital Humanities (2021-2023)

St. Augustine Historical Society Research Library

Bob Nawrocki, Chief Librarian (2019-2021)

Chad Germany, Assistant Librarian (2019-2022)

University of Central Florida

Mark Kamrath, Professor of English (2019-2021)

Scot French, Associate Professor of History (2019-2022)

University of Florida

Hélène Huet, Assistant Librarian (2019-2021)

Eleni Bozia, Assistant Professor of Classics and Digital Humanities (2019-2021

Megan Daly, Assistant Librarian (2021-2022)

University of North Florida

Laura Heffernan, Associate Professor of English (2019-2021)

Anne Pfister, Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2019-2022)

University of South Florida

Barbara Lewis, Digital Learning Librarian/Assistant Librarian (2019-2021)

Past Members

  • Allen J. Romano, Assistant Professor, Department of Classics; Coordinator, MA Major in Digital Humanities (2019-2021)
  • Amanda Hagood, Assistant Dean of Faculty for Academic Special Projects
  • Clayton L. McCarl, Associate Professor of Spanish; Director, Digital Humanities Institute, University of North Florida
  • Steven F. Jones, DeBartolo Chair in Liberal Arts and Professor of Digital Humanities, University of South Florida
  • Ferial (Maya) Boutaghou, Associate Professor of French & Women’s Studies, Department of Modern Languages, Florida International University
  • Martin Kass, Digital Humanities Librarian, Florida International University
  • Amy Parziale, Visiting Professor, Department of English, Rollins College
  • Rachel Walton, Digital Archivist, Olin Library, Rollins College
  • Cal Murgu, Digital Humanities Librarian, New College of Florida
  • Jeffrey Fortnoy, Assistant Professor of History, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Paige Morgan (2015-2018), Digital Humanities Librarian, University of Miami
  • Lillian Manzor, Associate Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literature, University of Miami
  • Sophia Acord (2015-2017), Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida
  • Theresa Burress (2015-2017), formerly Instruction and Outreach Librarian for the Humanities, New College of Florida; currently Science Librarian at USF St. Petersburg
  • Julian Chambliss (2015-2018), formerly Professor and Chair, Department of History, Rollins College; currently Professor of English, Michigan State University, with joint appointment in History, Core Faculty in Critical Diversity in a Digital Age Initiative
  • Bruce Harvey (2015-2017), Associate Director, Director, Associate Professor, Florida International University
  • Michael Patrick Gillespie (2015-2017), formerly Director, Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment, Florida International University
  • Mitsunori Ogihara (2015-2017), Department of Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Miami
  • Abby Scheel (2015-2018), Florida State University Libraries, Florida State University
  • Laurie N. Taylor (2015-2017), Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Florida
  • David Thomas (2015-2017), Department of History, University of South Florida