FLDH Committees

FLDH Committees allow for members to become active in the management of the consortium, and were added to the organization’s bylaws in 2020. Committee charges and current membership are listed below.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee will:

  1. Develop, organize, and plan the annual FLDH Conference. This conference may be virtual or in-person, depending on the needs of the membership.

Anne Pfister
Michelle Carrigan
Nancy Schuler
Marina Morgan
Nicole Diehm (Co-Chair)
Eugenia Charoni (Co-Chair)

Education Committee

The Education Committee will:

  1. Identify possible professional development opportunities for FLDH membership. These educational opportunities can come from both within and outside of FLDH membership. They may include (but are not limited to) webinars, short form interviews with practitioners, and other in-person preconference sessions.  

Current members:

Eleni Bozia
Eugenia Charoni
Sarah Stanley
Scot French
Myriam Mompoint
Matthew Hunter (Chair)
Tiffany Esteban
David W Wilson
Maria Jose Maguire

Elections & ByLaws Committee

The Elections & ByLaws Committee will:

Review the Bylaws each year and recommend any updates to the Executive Council and general members. This committee will also conduct annual and adhoc elections for FLDH.

Current members:

Molly Castro
Laura Heffernan (Chair)
Megan Daly

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will: 

  1. Work in collaboration with the officers and the University of Central Florida’s web team to manage website updates, mailings, and other promotional tools. This committee will also work closely with all other committees to promote upcoming events, the annual conference, and annual elections. 

Current members:

Mia Tignor
Mark Kamrath (Chair)
Hélène Huet
Sara Johnson