Digital Humanities + Data Journalism Symposium Held at University of Miami

This fall, the University of Miami will host the first symposium focusing on the intersection of digital humanities and data journalism research. Academics and journalists share common interests and questions about obtaining and visualizing data, the ethics involved in data research, and the work of communicating the results of research to the public effectively.

DH+DJ will mix training workshops for data processing, visualization, and cleaning with talks from digital humanists and data journalism industry professionals from organizations including the Knight Lab, the BBC News Labs,, and Mashable.

Dan Cohen (Digital Public Library of America), Scott Klein (ProPublica), and Lauren Klein (Georgia Tech) will be featured keynote speakers. Our goal is to create an environment where both novice and experienced practitioners can come together to learn and explore the possibilities that the fields of DH and DJ have to offer.

Visit for a complete list of speakers, the schedule, and to register.