[DH Tools] DH Press: A Digital Humanities Toolkit



DH Press (formerly diPH) is an extensible and easy-to-use platform for the creation of digital humanities projects. Built on the open-source WordPress content management system (CMS), DH Press offers a user-friendly web interface over a MySQL database. As such, data can be migrated in and out of the system with relative ease. While WordPress began as a blog platform (one which is used for nearly 16% of all websites today), it has since become a robust content management system for handling a range of data. The strength of WordPress is its flexibility. Plugin extensions allow users to modify the core to add functionality to the system. With close to 21,000 plugins to date, nearly anything is possible in WordPress. Creating and modifying plugins is far easier and more cost-effective than having to rewrite the code for custom-built software, thereby producing a more flexible and responsive system for digital humanities projects.